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In 2005 John and Sherry Petersik from Richmond Virginia bought their first home and were soon bitten by the DIY bug, so much so during the transformation of their kitchen they decided to share the experience online with friends and family in a blog titled or YHL, as it has become affectionately known. It quickly became popular and over the years they have posted more than 3,000 stories and transformed three homes in the process.

The couple have become quite sought after for their DIY knowledge and have featured in numerous magazines and the BBC.

Now a full time occupation for them both their obsession with DIY has led to the creation of two bestselling books and have been able to work out deals for their own lighting collection and range of curtain hooks and rails which can now be purchased at Home Depot and Target retail stores.

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Art of Manliness

Established by Brett and Kate McKay in 2008 The Art of Manliness blog targets the older male and has published over 2,500 articles focused around the art of being a man on topics such as Masculinity, Grooming, Health, Sport, Relationships and of course Manly Skills.

Brett started the blog with very little money which he spent on hosting and a premium WordPress theme after being frustrated reading about the stereotypical six pack male presented in most men’s magazines.  His first post “How to Shave like your Grandpa” was received really well and this led to a big increase in subscribers.  

The blog has advertising provided by AdSense and instead focuses on promoting their own range and affiliated products from, and of course through their online shop where they sell nearly 100 items from accessories and clothing to branded posters and stationery.

A further source of income comes from a range of paperback books available via Amazon including Kindle downloads with titles such as “Manvotionals”, “Heading out on your own” and “How to Quit Porn”.  Bret also started a podcast but interestingly struggled to generate an advertising revenue for it and he is now looking at creating videos.

Turnover for the site is in the range of $200,000 to $300,000 with 60% of income coming from AdSense however due to the popularity of the site costs for hosting, web design and content writing have increased as they have had to keep pace with demand.  

To here more about this blog take a listen to the interview Brett did with on The Rise To the Top with David Garland.


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Google News Inclusion

Google News is a computer-generated news site that aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader’s personalised interests.

The good news is (pardon the pun) posts from your blog can be included in the index and once they appear in Google News they can get picked up by other affiliated networks and potentially go viral.

To get your site included you need to make sure your account has been verified as the owner of the site using Google WebMaster tools, once done visit the page below and request inclusion.

To check your site has been listed run a site: search on the Google News website

Google News

Google News

For more information about Google news you will find a whole host of technical guidelines etc on the the Google News support page.

Financing your Lifestyle through Blogging

The world is changing and the internet has opened up a myriad of ways in which you can make money on-line.  One of the ways is via your a blog and the whole concept of my new book is to highlight the many ways in which people are financing their lifestyles through blogging.

I’m going to leave the comments on this post open so if you want to contribute some ideas on this topic then do share them below.